Tammy’s Tales & Tammyverse Stories

The Tammy tales started as a horror short story for a Hallowe’en 2010 story competition. I didn’t win but ‘The Ceilidh‘ did get a ‘Highly Commended’ and was asked to write a follow up.

That second story was a more conventional, and longer, tale. ‘Tom’s Fireworks’ properly introduced the Tammy character as well as some of the character’s backstory. The tale did, however, have a defined ending and I had no plans to write any more.

My wishes were ignored and I was beaten (gently) into submission, the result was “Tamara’s Debut” a tale built around Westside Story and a coming of age/coming out story. That story was over 100,000 words in length and is most definitely a novel!

That was Tammy’s Tales book 1, currently I’m writing Book 12 (in collaboration with Alecia Snowfall) and Book 11 is being published weekly on Big Closet at the time of writing (Sept 2020).

In August 2020 I finally found the time to finish an edit of Tom’s Fireworks and Tamara’s Debut that had been started two years earlier. That hit Kindle on 1st Sept as Tammyverse Book 1.

Book 2, Tamara’s First Christmas, was published on 30th September 2020. It picks up the story the day after Tammy’s big debut.

The next book is Tamara’s Trials, although this is over 600 pages so will be split into two books. The first part was out at the beginning of November and part 2 should arrive soon after Christmas.